Discover road-building – at the StrassenbauArena

What’s hidden underneath all that asphalt? How does a whispering surface work? And how do you become a road-builder anyway?

Building for real in the play zone.

Visitors to the Transport Museum have all the answers. At the StrassenbauArena, everyone can be a road-builder: children can roll their sleeves up and start road-building on our purpose-built playground, complete with construction equipment and vehicles plus sand and gravel.

There’s more to roads than first meets the eye.

And road-building is actually more complex than you might think. The StrassenbauArena also offers visitors a wealth of information. Experience everything that goes into the making of our modern roads and the steps that are needed from planning right through to the finished product.

Apprentices constructing the StrassenbauArena.

Who wants to drive a digger? Haven’t we all at some time or other?! At the StrassenbauArena, our simulator is ready and waiting. So what’s stopping you?! In fact, the StrassenbauArena is entirely the work of young people. Apprentices at the Vocational Training College for Transport Engineering in Sursee built the play zone under expert supervision.

The StrassenbauArena is a joint venture between construction companies, engineering agencies, building materials producers, educational institutions, trade associations, the Vocational Training College for Transport Engineers and Fachverband Infra.