Who actually builds our roads?

From pavers to road-builders, supervisors, site supervisors and site managers right through to master builders and construction engineers: at the StrassenbauArena, you’ll encounter all the roles and levels of management that are needed to run a construction business.

Road-building offers young people a broad range of professions with excellent opportunities for career development and promotion.

There’s a transport engineer in all of us


The desire to build is one of the things that make us human. Little ones are obviously keen on building and building sites. And, if we’re honest, for some reason we never really lose our fascination for road-building as grown-ups.

Transport engineer


Being a road-builder isn’t just one profession - you’ll also learn to be a paver, railway engineer, foundation and underground engineer as well as industrial and underlay flooring engineer as part of your professional apprenticeship as a transport engineer. As well as the practical work undertaken with the company providing the training, apprentices attend the vocational training college to learn the theory and take part in industry-wide courses.



Supervisors lead teams of workers on site. They are responsible for ensuring that orders are carried out correctly. You can train to become a supervisor if you have completed your apprenticeship and have sufficient practical experience with a construction company.

Site supervisor


Road construction site supervisors manage larger teams on site. They are responsible for ensuring that orders are carried out on schedule and to a professional standard. They support the site manager in specific tasks relating to scheduling operations, site organisation and administration. You now come across more and more women working on construction sites.

Site manager


Site managers work in middle or senior management within a company. They organise, lead and supervise the construction site. Their tasks include the entire preparation and planning of the works.

Master builder


Master builders manage individual company divisions or entire construction companies. They deal mostly with management tasks and business issues. A significant role for master builders – perhaps their most important role of all – is obtaining orders.

Construction engineer


In a construction company, construction engineers have a middle or senior management role. They plan, design and realise construction works. Often they have to incorporate political, social and environmental factors into their planning, as well as the technical and economic aspects. You can become a construction engineer by taking a degree course at a university of applied science or at the ETH university of science and technology.